My experience with computers and technology period has been a rocky one. I do appreciate technology and I think it benefits out way its negatives. When I was younger and even as I grew up I  have never really been that great with computers. But as smart phones and tablets came along I got a lot better but still my connection with computers was a distant one. My dad is really good at technology and fixing them so if I ever had a problem then I would just ask him to fix it for me. That may be a huge part of my problem right there and my be why its much harder for me because I never really had to deal with them myself. I find with my phone I can’t go without it and I do know exactly where it is at all times. When I was growing up though we did have an Xbox and a Wii so I was pretty good at using those and fixing them when they weren’t working right. Now I have a new laptop and I’m still learning how to use it and all the cool features it has. I didn’t even know that when you buy a new laptop Microsoft doesn’t come with it automatically you have to download it. No one told me so that’s how I thought it was. I am working really hard at changing my relationship and getting a much better one in the future. But to me I feel that Williams and I experiences are very different but that’s just how I see it.