RELI/ENGL 39, Fall 2015, University of the Pacific

A Grimm Exploration

Hello! Though there is an abundance left to explore, A Grimm Exploration has finally reached an end.

A Grimm Exploration is a blog powered by Omeka in order to explore who the Grimm Brothers’ were and how their household stories resonated throughout time and until today. To do so, we used Omeka to upload items, create collections, build exhibits, and write pages of our analysis of their personal lives and their stories. We hope our project can transport you to the Grimm world and teach you new things!

Grimmly yours,

Giulianne Pate, Iyana Sherman, Amaris Woo, Ashley Pham



  1. Raheem Baig

    I really enjoyed your guys’ work. I had no idea who the Grimm Brothers were until I looked through your amazing Omeka Exhibit. Great job you guys! This project was well planned out and created

  2. Shane-Justin Nu'uhiwa

    I really enjoyed your final project. While most of the class – myself included – decided to work on Disney related themes, you helped to tie in everyone’s project by providing insight into the Grimm Brother, who, as you stated, influence Disney’s work. Personally, under “The Stories: Past and Present” section, I enjoyed the Sleeping Beauty comparison. Great job!

  3. Danielle

    I have also enjoyed your group’s project as it details the differences between the Grimm fairytales and the Disney films. This is somewhat familiar to me since I’m a Disney fan and it does seem curious about where these familiar movies originated from.

  4. Dr. S

    You have covered so much of the Grimm’s life, work, and legacy! I love the way you customized the Omeka site, too.

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