RELI/ENGL 39, Fall 2015, University of the Pacific

Jack the Ripper Project

Jack the Ripper is one of the most interesting projects because we used various digital methods in illustrating the story of Jack the Ripper. We were able to use neatlines to create exhibits that show the detailed information about Jack the Ripper on Omeka. We enjoyed learning to create websites because personal domains are quite useful in sharing knowledge on the Internet. Our group members are Hank Wang, Andrew Rocha and Danielle Lee.

Jack the Ripper website –


  1. Shane-Justin Nu'uhiwa

    I believe your website manages to accurately show historic locations (for example, where Jack the Ripper visited) and historic documents that includes timelines and correspondences. In addition to the maps that show where Jack the Ripper visited, next time I highly suggest including a map where each person was killed.

    Good job with your final project!

  2. Giulianne Pate

    This was very interesting to read and provided a lot of information on Jack the Ripper. I have read many articles about him and this was a great resource to help me understand the history and the details of Jack the Ripper. Great job!

  3. Iyana Sherman

    To me your website is very plain and could use some color. But your project is very intersecting and i enjoyed learning about it. You guys did a great job overall.

  4. Amaris

    I loved the details in your exhibits and especially the topic. The maps gave insight to where the events took place and I loved that. Your project was fascinating, and I can tell you guys chose what really interested you. Great job!

  5. Dr. S

    Congratulations! You’ve put together an interesting collection of material on Jack the Ripper and the victims. Such a tragic story. Did you have any conclusions about the suspects, if some of the people who were prime suspects back then have been eliminated?

    • Hank

      I think forensic technologies provide helpful insights about suspects because they analyze important documents about Jack the Ripper. They use data to construct visual presentations about scenes that produce effective researches.

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