RELI/ENGL 39, Fall 2015, University of the Pacific

Tiger Team: Facts

For this group project, we chose to cover the changes in multiple factors of the school: from tuition, to number of freshman applicants, to cost of room and board, to the number of freshman that actually enrolled each year. We looked at any possible correlation between any aspects, as well as looking at different patterns and any other possible reasons as to why they either increased or decreased. We gathered different data sets, created multiple spreadsheets, and then used that information to create charts that showed those results. This project was a great learning experience for each and every one of us. My group included Myself (Raheem Baig), Mimi Tran, Leslie Valencia, and Ahmanni Scott. To view our work, please visit our website by clicking HERE!

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  1. Shane-Justin Nu'uhiwa

    I liked how you questioned authority through this project. In other words, try to find out the reason why tuition is rising each year. Between 2001 and the current academic school year, tuition raised to a difference of $28.5 thousand. While some of this tuition raise can be credited to staff’s annual increase in salary, there has to be other reasons for this price increase. Great job with your project.

  2. Giulianne Pate

    I really like the topic that you guys decided to explore. It was really interesting to show how the number of applicants have changed as well as the tuition. I really like the interactive charts and graphs that you guys created. Good job!

  3. Danielle

    This was an interesting topic that your group has chosen, it seemed intriguing knowing and understanding the changes that have happened for the school’s tuition. Your charts and graphs were descriptive in offering visual data on what you have found.

  4. Iyana Sherman

    I think you guys topic is very cool and its something that needs to be explored. I love your website and you did a great job!

  5. Dr. S

    Congratulations on pulling this project together! I was really struck by your last bar graph on the number of enrolled first-year students — we really have 200 more enrolled first-year students than in 2001? Wow. The chart on the increase in tuition really brings it home, too.

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