Assignment for Thursday 11/19 or Tuesday 11/24

  1. Create a page of HTML (30 pts)
    Tutorial resource:
  1. Create a subdomain (name it anything you want, you can delete it when this assignment is done, or it can be the subdomain where the group final project lives – I don’t care) (20 pts)
    Tutorial: login to and start the following tutorial at step 3
  1. Upload the file to your subdomain (20 pts)
    Tutorial: see the tutorials on “Uploading files” and “File manager” here (click on the CPanel tab!!!!)
    Make sure you upload your files to the correct directory!!!  public_html and then whatever folder is the name of your subdomain.
  1. Make sure your page works by going to the link. Edit the file and upload the revised file if necessary.
  1. Post the link to your new HTML page to the assignment on Canvas (this is how I will see if you did the above steps).

Note: if you are having major difficulties, submit your HTML page to canvas, and I will give you some credit, and we can troubleshoot together after Thanksgiving.


Note: folks like Kyle and Ray who already know HTML: try to create a standalone stylesheet for your page using cascading style sheets