The most important resources for the course are:

Scroll down for more info on DH resources, Writing resources, Disability services, etc.


DH Resources

The University Library has a Digital Humanities resource page with links to a ton of resources.

If you are look for help with a particular tool or technology, that tool’s homepage often has tutorials and resources, as well.  (Google your tool.)

Ask your classmates for help!

The Programming Historian site and UCLA’s DH 101 syllabus also link to tutorials.


Writing Resources

Writing Center

Writing is a key skill even in DH.  To improve your blog posts and the narrative sections of your final projects, consider visiting the Writing Center!

The Writing Center at the University of the Pacific is a great resource for students at any stage in the writing process, from beginning to develop ideas to revising near-final drafts.
Visit the Writing Center website for the schedule of writing mentors this semester.  When you go to the Writing Center to meet with a mentor, bring:

  • the assignment your professor gave you
  • your drafts and/or notes of the assignment
  • any other course materials you think are relevant for the assignment

Purdue OWL

Another great writing resource is the Purdue University Online Writing Lab website.  My favorite parts of the site are:


Disability Resources

If you are a student with a disability who requires accommodations, please contact the Director of the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) for information on how to obtain an Accommodations Request Letter. To ensure timeliness of services, please obtain the accommodation letter(s) from the Office of SSD at the very beginning of the semester. Depending on course and session, the wait time may be as long as 1-2 weeks or as short as 1-2 days. After I receive the accommodation letter, please schedule a meeting with me during office hours or some other mutually convenient time to arrange the accommodation(s).

The Office of Services for Students with Disabilities is located in the McCaffrey Center, Rm. 137.  Phone:  209-946-3221.  Email:  Online:

Pacific’s 3-Step Accommodation Process:

  1. Student meets with the SSD Director and provides documentation and completes registration forms.
  2. Student requests accommodation(s) each semester by completing the Request for Accommodations Form.
  3. Student arranges to meet with his/her professors to discuss the accommodation(s) and to sign the Accommodation Request Letter