RELI/ENGL 39, Fall 2015, University of the Pacific

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Digital Humanities: Disneyland Exhibit Final Project

As the semester wraps up in our class, I worked on a group project with four other students building an online Disneyland exhibit using Omeka and the skills that I learned over the course of my Digital Humanities Fall 2015 class.

We looked at 11 different Disneyland rides and attractions, and we analyzed and showed how they changed and grew over time. Go check it out!

Fantasmic Disney Fanatics

Hey there!

This is our final project for this class. Ours is called Fantastic Disney Fanatics. Basically, what we hoped to do with the project was analyze how Disney female characters have changed throughout films over time through reviews from the audience. We cherry picked several movies, including Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937), Cinderella (1950), Sleeping Beauty (1959), The Little Mermaid (1989), Mulan (1998), and Frozen (2013). Afterwards, we analyzed the reviews using Antconc and Voyant. A timeline was created to augment the conclusion. There was a lot of hair-pulling and stress to make the end project turn out the way it did, but I feel as though it is a success. In any case, I hope you all enjoy visiting the site. Leave comments if you wish~

Jack the Ripper Project

Jack the Ripper is one of the most interesting projects because we used various digital methods in illustrating the story of Jack the Ripper. We were able to use neatlines to create exhibits that show the detailed information about Jack the Ripper on Omeka. We enjoyed learning to create websites because personal domains are quite useful in sharing knowledge on the Internet. Our group members are Hank Wang, Andrew Rocha and Danielle Lee.

Jack the Ripper website –

A Grimm Exploration

Hello! Though there is an abundance left to explore, A Grimm Exploration has finally reached an end.

A Grimm Exploration is a blog powered by Omeka in order to explore who the Grimm Brothers’ were and how their household stories resonated throughout time and until today. To do so, we used Omeka to upload items, create collections, build exhibits, and write pages of our analysis of their personal lives and their stories. We hope our project can transport you to the Grimm world and teach you new things!

Grimmly yours,

Giulianne Pate, Iyana Sherman, Amaris Woo, Ashley Pham


Tiger Team: Facts

For this group project, we chose to cover the changes in multiple factors of the school: from tuition, to number of freshman applicants, to cost of room and board, to the number of freshman that actually enrolled each year. We looked at any possible correlation between any aspects, as well as looking at different patterns and any other possible reasons as to why they either increased or decreased. We gathered different data sets, created multiple spreadsheets, and then used that information to create charts that showed those results. This project was a great learning experience for each and every one of us. My group included Myself (Raheem Baig), Mimi Tran, Leslie Valencia, and Ahmanni Scott. To view our work, please visit our website by clicking HERE!

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Link also Here–

Brubeck 1958

The Team- Brandon Raidoo & Jamie Martinez

The Project- Brubeck’s Jazz Tour

The Project that Jamie and I undertook was to exam the travels of Dave Brubeck on his famous 1958 Jazz tour. We endeavoured to answer some research questions. Through a combined effort of sorting through the Holt-Atherton Special Collections at the University of the Pacific we were able to look at all the information. One of our biggest questions was how was Brubeck perceived where he went. Through the use voyant we were able to look at the key words used to describe Brubeck and his Band. The second major questions was where was he travelling in the countries he visited along with what countries did he visit. To answer this question we created a google map through google fusion tables after painstakingly entering about 100 data points to be analysed. To find out what were the key words were that described Brubeck, to read some wonderful transcriptions of what was written about him, or to take the journey that Brubeck did on his jazz tour go on ahead to the site cited above.

Fantasmic Disney Fanatics Final Project

Fantasmic Disney Fanatics analyzes female Disney characters that either increasingly or decreasingly portrayed stereotypes during the times they were created. This is done through six films that were hand selected to reflect the timespan Disney films were created, reviews of the movie, and programs such as Voyant, AntConc, and WordPress. To find out more information regarding Fantasmic Disney Fanatics research project, visit the website.

Work Team: Ashley Yum and Shane-Justin Nu’uhiwa

Quoth the Raven

Quoth the Raven: The Life and Works of Edgar Allan Poe


Kyle Cookerly

Kat Elliott

Ashley Colombo


Our project was to examine transcripts of Poe’s writings in an effort to reach two main conclusions. First, our goal was to determine if the content and the themes of his work changed over time or if they stayed roughly the same over the course of his relatively short writing career. Second, we wanted to determine if the themes of his work reflected the hardships or triumphs that he was faced with during his life, in their relation to the time he wrote them. In addition to our findings on this topic, more content about the life and works of Poe can be found by clicking the above link and visiting our page.