RELI/ENGL 39, Fall 2015, University of the Pacific

Brubeck 1958

The Team- Brandon Raidoo & Jamie Martinez

The Project- Brubeck’s Jazz Tour

The Project that Jamie and I undertook was to exam the travels of Dave Brubeck on his famous 1958 Jazz tour. We endeavoured to answer some research questions. Through a combined effort of sorting through the Holt-Atherton Special Collections at the University of the Pacific we were able to look at all the information. One of our biggest questions was how was Brubeck perceived where he went. Through the use voyant we were able to look at the key words used to describe Brubeck and his Band. The second major questions was where was he travelling in the countries he visited along with what countries did he visit. To answer this question we created a google map through google fusion tables after painstakingly entering about 100 data points to be analysed. To find out what were the key words were that described Brubeck, to read some wonderful transcriptions of what was written about him, or to take the journey that Brubeck did on his jazz tour go on ahead to the site cited above.


  1. Raheem Baig

    Great job you guys. I really enjoyed this project because of the topic: Dave Brubeck. Brubeck is not only a huge part of pacific history, but I am taking a jazz class this semester and Dave Brubeck was a topic of discussion in the class. So it was interesting to me to find out more information about him. Overall, your guys’ project was well done, with the inclusion of the maps and Voyant analysis you did. Solid work!

  2. Shane-Justin Nu'uhiwa

    I believe you two did a great job covering the places Dave Brubeck went on tour in 1958, the media coverage of his tour, and how he was perceived. As Raheem stated, Brubeck plays an influential role with our history at Pacific. (Personally – as a Disney fan – I love his 1957 album, “Dave Digs Disney.”) I also believe you did the school a great amount of work transcribing some of the material – paving a path for future Pacific students who have to do projects similar to this. Great job!

  3. Giulianne Pate

    This was very well done and a very interesting topic. I didn’t know anything about him so this provided me with insight and facts about who he was. I really like learning about Brubeck, someone who has had an influential role here at Pacific. Great job!

  4. Danielle

    This was a good topic that your group chose for your project. I was not familiar with anything related to Dave Brubeck, but this has helped me understand how important he was to others and how influential he seemed to be to them.

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