ENGL/RELI 39 Introduction to DH: Final Projects


In the final project, students will collaboratively create an online project that applies the methods and technologies learned in class to research questions about a specific topic in the Humanities.

As we’ve discussed this semester, be sure:

  • your data set and sources are appropriate to address your research questions
  • your methodologies are appropriate for your research questions
  • your research questions can be answered using these methodologies on that particular data set or sources
  • the tools or technology applied are appropriate for your methodology and research questions
  • the group works collaboratively, communicating and working together according to its established charter, and revising the charter collectively if necessary


The final project will be assessed on:

  1. appropriateness of data set/sources for research questions
  2. whether research questions address issues of significance for humanistic concerns
  3. relevance of methodologies and technologies for research questions/data/sources
  4. how effectively the methodologies and technologies have been applied for research
  5. documentation of sources and methods (including documentation of who has contributed what to the project; you may use pseudonyms online if you wish, but I need to know who you are)
  6. explanation and analysis of research and the significance and meaning of the conclusions
  7. visual aesthetetics (whether the colors, web layout, and visuals contribute to or detract from the argument)


There will be a group grade and an individual grade.

  • For full credit on the individual grade, you must link to the project on your own main domain (either write a blog post about it or add it to your menu or list of links) or email me as to why you wish not to (e.g., issues of privacy).
  • For full credit on the group grade, you must fill out a peer and self evaluation.


Final Project Grade, overall worth 30% of your final course grade

Proposal + preliminary bibliography       10%

Charter                                                          6.67%

Presentation in class                                               16.67%

Final project group grade                           33.33%

Final project individual grade                    33.33%



  • No more than 10 minutes: time yourselves
  • Present your topic, data set/sources, research questions, methods/technologies, preliminary results and analysis. (PRELIMINARY because you will not be done.)
  • You may use powerpoint type slides or your website, but not both.
  • Not everyone needs to speak, but everyone will be on stage; consider having one person operate the computer for the slides/website
  • Look at the audience, not the screen
  • Presentation will be evaluated on how effectively you conveyed your topic, data set/sources, research questions, methods/technologies, preliminary results and analysis. It will be a group grade.
  • Dr S will provide feedback so you can finish and refine your project by the deadline.



Nov 17 in class:         Proposals and Charters due

Nov 19:                      Work on projects, email Dr. S with an update by 2:45 (points removed from final project grade if no email OR if no substantial progress has been made).


Tues Dec 1:                In class, groups meet with Dr. S to trouble-shoot

Have a BETA version of your website ready. (Points removed from group grade if not available)

Dec 2:                         Dr S will have office hours

Dec 3:                         In class presentations: no more than 10 minutes per project; time yourselves.

Final projects must be 100% complete and online by 3 pm Tuesday December 8.  To turn it in: write a blog post on the Group Blog: Give it the category “Final Presentation.”