This blog was initially created for a university class to use in a variety of ways to actively engage our presence online. As of writing this, we have yet to go in depth with our work on our websites, but soon we will have the tools to better interact digitally.

This domain will be used to host both a living history of my thoughts (what is running through my mind in a current context) and a preservation of my thoughts (things that I reminisce about and subsequently want recorded). Possibly functioning as a public journal of my thoughts, research, and sometimes just documentation on something that I fancy to document.

The title for this site came from a night of brainstorming ideas with a close friend of mine via text, and the name “A History of My Mind” was created and subsequently chosen by me to be the flagship of my digital presence at 7:10pm September 21st, 2015 after 37 minutes of idea pooling. Statistics such as this, (date, time, story) will hopefully be a common feature on this site, as specific details such as these are very valuable to me down the line, and they also tend to be the first thing that I forget, unless it is an event that has a long lasting impact on me, but even then the story gets muddled occasionally.

-AHOMM, September 28th, 2015 9:57PM