Each group needs to create a charter that is a document that you all will agree to.  Someone in the group should bring a printout on Tuesday.

Your Charter is your statement of principles about collaborating together for this project.  It should include:

  • Tentative name for group or project
  • General principles and values (including ethical principles)
  • Goals and Outcomes for your group
    • Concrete as well as learning/development goals for you all
  • Team management issues:
    • consider issues of Credit, Conflict Management, Maintenance/sustainability (where will your project live after this class is over? Do I need to be part of your Charter?),
    • Communication and transparency
    • Meetings
    • Shared resources to enable collaboration (will you use Google docs? Canvas?)
    • Anything else?
  • Credit and licensing
    • Licensing of your project’s work (what license will you give it?
    • How will you give credit to each other?
    • How will you credit the work of others you use, adapt, research, etc?
  • Anything else?

Sample charters (yours can be shorter, since yours is a smaller project):




Also you might want to read this Collaborators’ bill of rights

***Your final project grade will include a GROUP grade and an INDIVIDUAL final grade.***