Introduction to Digital Humanities

RELI/ENGL 39, Fall 2015, University of the Pacific

my spatial history

If I could do my own spatial history it would be on my learning in my  first college math class. I have never done so well in a math class before. It was crazy to me that I was actually learning the material. Its an all online math course which at first freaked me out a little bit but once I started doing the work then I realized I was really learning. It was a great feeling to finally understand something that I struggled with all throughout high school. Once I figured out that I could finish this class early it put a fire in me and a determination I never really had for math before. I would want to look at how I learned so much better in that setting than in all my traditional teacher in front of me teaching and explaining the math? I would want to know was it my determination or was it that I could see the teacher truly caring and trying his best to help us succeed? I would want to see sense we never had any group work and it was tailored to the individual did that change the learning environment? Or was it that we could do make up work and extra credit to make up for things because some teachers don’t even offer that. Was it the support we felt by him and each other that motivated us? It also helped that the online program itself was easy to navigate and track your progress in the class. But if I could look at any spatial history it would be on this and answering all those questions.


  1. That’s a unique example of spatial history in our own lives. I am having a hard time understanding the concept of spatial history entirely not because of your post but in general. Is it the over the time progressing or descending outline of an event? It’s a large spatial turn in history as Stanford put it. How does spatial history affect any of us? -CC

  2. That is a interesting way to think of your spatial history from your high school learning style and college teaching methods. I took Math 5 – Algebra 2 here at Pacific and it recently changed to that online course you took. I had always been good at math but the self taught class style actually had the opposite effect on me. The real question is asking what your learning style is. I learn best with my hands so I make diagrams and models to strengthen my studies. Could online education work better for you? Was it the classroom setting with computers that made the class feel more familiar? Any number of factors could be associated with an individual’s education experience.

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