I believe that Voyant is a great way to simultaneously analyse multiple documents about the same subject. When looking over academic journals for a research paper instead of skimming though every journal one by one for certain words or phrases, Voyant simplifies the process and saves time. The “keywords in context” would be the most helpful when trying to find certain phrases for your research. Also narrowing the search down with the “words in documents” tab can make your research much more efficient and organized. There are some problems that could come up, such as not being able to find all of your research materials online for Voyant to process, or Voyant itself just not loading. I ran into the later when trying to upload a picture of word trends. The main thing I took away from Voyant was the ability to collect written material and sort and search the material in a timely manner. Also knowing that all the material was thoroughly looked through and you are not missing any instance of when you searched for. I believe that this is a way of reducing human error and I really like the concept.