At first I was very intrigued by the program, I had never heard or seen anything quite like it before. At first the tool was very confusing and it didn’t make much sense to me, but as I used it and got more familiar I really enjoyed it and it was interesting. I thought the aspect of being able to view similarities in different texts was very fascinating, but as I used it more and more I decided that I would never really use this or need to use this tool in my daily life. Even though this is a new idea and innovation that I see being used for a research project, I wouldn’t need to use this in my daily life. In terms of using it as a research assistant, I like that you could analyze the text and other sources before deciding whether to use them or not. I also remember in class the professor saying that there are other versions of Voyant tools that are more sophisticated, and I think that would be a better tool to use in other aspects of our lives besides doing research. I did like the aspect of being able to learn the tool very fast and efficiently. I really liked this quality of the tool and if I ever did need it I would feel comfortable using it.