Introduction to Digital Humanities

RELI/ENGL 39, Fall 2015, University of the Pacific

Digital Humanities in Our Lives (Sep 8)

Both articles focus on the uses of digital humanities in people’s lives. Although both authors discuss about the benefits that digital humanities offer, they do not think there is an agreed definition about digital humanities. For example, Lisa Spiro’s article mentions that we should “develop a flexible statement of values that help identify the digital humanities”.

Both articles discuss a substantial amount of positive changes that digital humanities will bring. In Mark Sample’s article, Sample mentions that digital humanities can “reshape the representation, sharing, and discussion of knowledge”. Lisa Spiro’s article also talks about how the digital humanities will help promote “scholar innovation and democratization of knowledge”.

I believe the digital humanities will be useful in terms of gathering information as our academic resources. When the Internet became widespread, most people look for scholar resources on the Internet nowadays. We conduct research and find data on useful websites such as Google. The digital humanities also give us a different option of showing up to job interviews. People will be able to use digital tools such as Skype to conduct an interview. I was also able to use digital tools such as laptops in class for class activities. I think that the digital humanities might be able to create a new and exciting learning environment for us. The digital humanities will also benefit our societies because they make everything more convenient and easier to do than before.

Although the digital humanities may benefit the societies, Spiro’s article mentions that the digital humanities “will need to demonstrate how it can advance humanities research, provide support for teachers who want to use digital tools”. I agree with her ideas that the digital humanities might have certain drawbacks. For example, the digital humanities may increase our reliance on digital tools.





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  1. I agree that technology has became really helpful and made the world more convenient. Giving people to work from ultimately anywhere, using Skype to communicate and using the internet to send information. I liked how you also mentioned about the great possibility of reliance towards technology. I also liked how you added a word bubble.

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