Introduction to Digital Humanities

RELI/ENGL 39, Fall 2015, University of the Pacific

What is Digital Humanities?

Digital Humanities is using technology like computers and phones to studying humanities. But, there are a lot of speculation on what exactly is focused in the study of digital humanities. Where most people think that digital humanities is about building, when actually digital humanities is about sharing. But, honestly I do not understand why we study digital humanities and the many opinions about digital humanities is making to understand digital humanities extremely difficult.


  1. I think there is a point of our assigned textbook being called “Debates in the Digital Humanities;” many of its scholars, including us, are questioning what exactly the Digital Humanities is because it is a new, emerging field. I do agree that it does get quite confusing because there are so many opinions and possible hostility about the Digital Humanities, but as you said, the one unifying point is the fact that this field is for sharing.

  2. I also agree that as an emerging field, digital humanities is difficult to define, which is perhaps the reason for your confusion. Once studies are done in greater detail, there will be a somewhat set answer that will help you understand it. For now, others will try to define it in a way that best fits their ideas.

  3. I really liked when you said “that digital humanities was about sharing it and not building it.” When I read that I started thinking of the digital humanities differently and I agree partly with that statement in the way that as we start to define digital humanities we need share our experiences and what our definition of digital humanities is.

  4. I also found the field of digital humanities hard to challenging to understand because I did not find any solid definition in the readings. However, I agree that the digital humanities is about sharing. The use of Internet allows people to share articles on the website which increases the knowledge in the population.

  5. I find it very interesting how you state that many people believe digital humanities to be building when it is actually sharing. I see where you would get that idea since it does seem to have a lot to do with sharing but I would love to see how it focuses more on sharing than building. I am sure that most of us in the class are still unsure about digital humanities so it is nice to know I am not alone in feeling a bit lost when it comes to the subject. Digital humanities is a very broad subject so it can be difficult for us to understand what exactly it is.

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