Introduction to Digital Humanities

RELI/ENGL 39, Fall 2015, University of the Pacific

Privacy vs. Sharing

This week’s readings are referred to the guidelines and concerns that people have to think about when they begin posting any personal or private information online.  Privacy is an important factor to examine closely because anything that is placed on the Web can affect others in a way that could have a contradictory effect.  These sites have been helpful in explaining some of the consequences and challenges that digital users might face when thinking about what they want or can put up online.

The “Domain of One’s Own” website provided specific facts and ways on how people should consider when setting up something that might become public.  These guidelines were beneficial to people who are getting started in adding information through the Internet as they explained what ways are considered “fair use” in utilizing copyrighted sources and indicated the issues that might arise if they expose content incorrectly.  When sharing ideas and support online, it is important that people need to either cite the original author or ask for their permission to add the support.  This is crucial because if the author is mentioned in the writing, then they will be given some credit in the new work.

In Golumbia’s reading about crowdforcing, it demonstrated how sharing data can be difficult to think about what people want to show to the public.  Usually it is fair to share information to the public, but there are some materials that might not have that same permission since the public might have a different opinion on the subjects involved in the writing.  The idea of crowdforcing emphasizes on the digital user’s decision on how their actions could impact others in either a positive or negative way.  It is always important to respect other people’s privacy in how they want to be depicted in society and to be aware of the issues that folks online would confront.

Overall, always remember to think about the people in the works first before doing anything else.


  1. Good job on your post; it was well written. I certainly like how you took both of the readings, and implemented your thoughts into the responses.

    Your segment on “The Domain of One’s Own” website was intriguing. The idea of “fair use” is a good point in this topic. When I visited the site, that was also something that I thought about. People need to be more aware of what they post online, especially if they are using something of someone else’s. Credit needs to be given where it is due; even if you are unsure of whether or not you should give credit to the originator of the idea or music you are using, you should still do it to be on the safe side.

  2. Shane-Justin Nu'uhiwa

    September 17, 2015 at 11:45 am

    Your blog post and the article on the fair use issue helped me to realize the importance of “privacy.” For example, what is posted online can be viewed by everyone in one form or another. For example, if I wanted to post an article on a blog regarding healthy eating habits and nutrition in general, the contents I put online will be public for everyone to see. In addition, it’s like what you say – crowdforcing adds to the issue about privacy. Your information from sites/products are made available for people to use.

  3. To start off, let me say I enjoyed your post. I thought your remarks over “fair use” were especially true. There is an issue that arises over is it still okay to post something even if you cite it. For instance I can’t post an entire starwars movie even if I site it. So “fair use” really doesn’t encompass everything that can and can’t be said. Although I agree it is important to cite, citing isn’t a solution to all sharing copyright issues.

  4. The article on privacy was just speaking to me because I feel that privacy on the internet is massively important. I know now that even some colleges before excepting you to their school will look at your social media to make sure your not going to crazy. its just things like that that make you realize sharing can affect you in a negative way especially if its without your permission

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